Registration Terms

Agreement and Rules of Using the Web Portal "Legal Adviser - Legal Advisor"
1. General information
1.1. The User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) regulates the legal relationship between the "Legal Advisor" community (the "Administration") of the portal (hereinafter - the Portal and / or the Site) and the individual (hereinafter - the User) when using forums, blogs, chat, comments, and other interactive resources, as well as the placement of text messages, video, audio, graphic materials ("Materials") on the Web site on the Internet at:, as well as sending postal messages using Mail Services (e-mail).
1.2. This Agreement may be unilaterally changed by the Administration of the site without any special notice from the user and will come into force from the moment of its placing on the site.
1.3. The use of the materials and services of the Site is regulated by the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.
2. Goals
The purpose of the Legal Adviser community is to educate the legal population that knows its rights and responsibilities under the law. Assistance to citizens of Ukraine in familiarizing them with their rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine, international agreements and other normative legal acts, and their duties. Practical application of legislation and consideration of situations occurring daily in the life of citizens. Correct forms of appeal to the authorities, both in writing and verbally, as well as examination of the instances and the formulation of the application, etc.
3. Methods of achieving goals
On the site in a practical way, in an accessible form are described Rights and obligations of citizens with sending to the source. Each often encountered situation describes in detail how to act or refrain from action.
4. Rights and responsibilities
4.1. Users
4.1.1. The user agrees not to take actions that may be considered as a violation of Ukrainian legislation or international law. Including in the area of intellectual property, copyright and / or related rights, as well as any actions that result or may lead to a violation of the normal operation of the Site and the services of the Site.
4.1.2. Use of the materials of the Site without the consent of the copyright holders is not allowed. For legitimate use of the materials of the Site it is necessary to conclude licensing agreements (obtaining licenses).
4.1.3. When quoting the materials of the Site, including protected copyrights, the link to the Site is obligatory and possible only after preliminary agreement with the Administration of the Site.
4.1.4. Comments and other entries of the User on the Site shall not conflict with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and generally accepted norms of morality and morality.
4.1.5. The User is warned that the Site Administration is not responsible for the visit and use of external resources, links to which may be contained on the Site.
4.1.6. The User agrees that the Site Administration is not liable and has no direct or indirect obligations to the User. In connection with any possible or incurred loss, or loss associated with any content of the Site, registration of copyright and information about such registration, goods or services available or received through external sites or resources, or other User's contacts to which he has entered, using the information posted on the Site or links to external resources.
4.1.7. The User accepts the provision that all materials and services of the Site or any part thereof may be accompanied by advertising. The User agrees that the Site Administration shall not be liable and shall not be liable for such advertising.
4.1.8. The User agrees that the Administration reserves the right to terminate the User Account and / or to block the User from accessing the Site at any time without prior notice to the User and without indicating the reason in the following cases:
1) Violation of provisions of this Agreement, its parts and additions;
2) upon the request of the state authorities in accordance with the legislation in force;
3) Long-term non-use (from 6 calendar months in a row) of the account for access to the site;
4) In other cases, if the Administration considers such removal necessary for the normal operation of the Site.
4.1.9. The user has the right at any moment to refuse to use his account in the mail and to delete his account on all Services of the portal Correspondence contained in the mail and materials contained in the Services of the portal, in such cases, are destroyed without the possibility of recovery automatically.
4.1.10. The termination of the account of the User implies:
- removal of the User's access to the personal part of all portal services;
- removal of the password and the release of the user's mailbox from letters, files and deletion of personal settings.

4.1.11. The Administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify (modify) or delete any information published by the User, including information (materials) that violates the (and) prohibitions set forth in clause 4.1.8. this User Agreement (as well as any other prohibitions and requirements stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine). Including personal messages and comments with or without prior notice, without being liable for any harm that may be caused to the User by such action.
4.1.12. In case of placing by the User non-owned Materials and receipt from the copyright holder of a motivated complaint regarding violation of his rights protected by law, the Administration has the right to remove the content posted by the User, or to block the access of Users to it, without notifying the User and without explanation of the reasons.
4.1.13. The Administration tries to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Site, however, is not responsible for the total or partial loss of the Materials placed by the User, as well as for the lack of quality or speed of the provision of the Services.
4.1.14. The User has the right to place through the Site intellectual property objects, the right to use, which are owned by him on legal grounds.
4.1.15. The Administration has the right to refuse the User to post materials, text messages, and also to remove the Materials at its own discretion, if their content contradicts the requirements of this Agreement.
4.1.16. The user agrees that he is fully responsible for the content of his e-mail messages, as well as for the Materials placed on the Portal. The Administration is not responsible for the content of the Materials and for compliance with their requirements of the law, for infringement of copyright, unauthorized use of the marks for goods and services (trademarks), names of companies and their logos, as well as for possible violations of the rights of third parties in connection with the placement of Materials on the Site. In case of receipt of claims from third parties related to the placement of the Materials, the User independently and at his own expense will settle the specified claims.
4.1.17. The User grants the Administration a non-exclusive license to use, including reproduction, distribution, processing, public display and bringing to the public the materials posted by the User under the portal for public viewing as the content of the Site. The User, who is the legal author of the materials indicated in this clause, retains all property and personal non-property rights, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and international agreements.
4.1.18. The user agrees not to reproduce, duplicate or copy, sell, or resell, nor use for any commercial purposes any intellectual property placed on the Site, except when such right is granted by its lawful Rightholder.
4.1.19. The Administration does not guarantee that the services of the site will meet the requirements of the User; will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors, and the results that can be obtained by the User will be accurate and reliable.
4.1.20. Any materials received by the User using the services of the Site, the User uses for his own risk and fear. The user is solely responsible for any damage that may be inflicted on the computer and / or data resulting from the download and use of these materials.
4.1.21. The Administration undertakes to notify the User about the claims of 3 persons to the materials placed by the User. The User undertakes either to grant the Administration the right to publish the Material or to remove the Material.
4.1.22. The administration has the right, upon the first demand of the relevant authorized (law enforcement) authority, but, in accordance with the current legislation, provide such state body with available information about the User, not excluding personal data.
4.1.23. The User acknowledges that the Administration may impose restrictions on the use of services and mail, including: the period of storage of mail messages and any other materials posted by the User, the maximum number of messages that can be sent or received by one User, the maximum size of the mail message or disk space .
4.1.24. Upon detection of a person carrying out actions that qualify as spam on the Portal's mail, the Administration has the right to block receipt of mail from the mailing address of the specified person (including Users) on the mailing addresses of the Site. In addition, the Administration has the right to apply to law enforcement agencies, with a statement of prosecution for such actions.

4.1.25. Administration is not responsible:
- for the User's actions on the Site;
- for failures occurring in telecommunication and / or power networks, the action of malicious programs, as well as for unfair actions of third parties;
- for the content and legality of the Information used / received by the User within the Service, as well as for its nature;
- for the loss / loss of benefit caused to the User as a result of the use or inability to use this or that service;
- for the reliability of the advertising information received by the User within the service, and the quality of the goods / services advertised therein, etc .;
- and any damage to the software and / or hardware of the User resulting from the use of the service.
4.2. Interaction
4.2.1. The site provides Internet users with services (forums, blogs, chats, commenting function and other interactive resources (further on the whole - the Service)), the opportunity to post their Materials and use the e-mail on a free basis.
4.2.2. In order to use the functions of e-mail and Portal Services, the User must undergo the following registration procedure:
1) Fill in the registration form.
2) To express consent to the terms of this Agreement. Moreover, the Administration in no way verifies the information provided by the User on the subject of validity and is not liable to any third parties for the accuracy and reliability of such information; does not regard the information provided by the User as personal data subject to special protection in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data".
3) Upon completion of the registration process, the User enters an account login and password for access to the e-mail and Portal Services. The User is personally responsible for the security of his login and password, as well as the full responsibility for all actions that will be committed by the User in the process of using the e-mail and services of the Portal.
4) The User agrees that the Administration is entitled to collect and store the User's registration data (if any), within the Service, in order to comply with the provisions of this Agreement.
4.2.3. The Administration does not exercise any control and bears responsibility for the content of the correspondence of the Users, except in the cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.
4.2.4. The placement of the Materials and the use of the Services are postmoded, that is, the moderator will familiarize himself with the materials after posting such materials by the User on the Site If any material violates the rules of use of the Site and / or is such and / or contains information that conflicts with the requirements of applicable law, such material shall be removed.
4.3. Placement of materials
4.3.1. The User places his Materials on the Site and also transfers the Administration the exclusive right to provide wide access to the Materials within the limits of this resource without payment of any remuneration
4.3.2. The user acknowledges and agrees that the e-mail may contain administrative communications of the Administration, automatic notifications and newsletters, and that such communications are a prerequisite for its use.
4.3.3. The User agrees that the Administration has the right to place on the pages containing the Materials of the User, the advertising banner and announcements, to modify the Materials for the purposes of advertising.
4.3.4. Responsibility for unauthorized copying and use of the Materials is the responsibility of all legal entities and individuals who have unlawfully used the Materials placed on the Site.
4.3.5. Unless otherwise specified, all property and personal non-property rights to the Material belong to the User that placed them. The user is warned about the responsibility established by the current legislation of Ukraine for the illegal use and placement of other materials (works). In the event that it is determined that the User posting is not their legal copyright holder, these Materials will be removed from free access on the first demand of the legal right holder.
4.3.6. When placing the Material, the Administration specifies the User's alias (nickname) specified by the User when submitting the Material.
4.3.7. Placed on the Site Materials must not contain:
- Materials that are illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive to morality, honor and dignity, rights and third-party interests protected by law;
- Materials that are slanderous, infringing copyrights promoting hatred and / or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, gender, social grounds, contributing to incitement to religious, racial or ethnic hatred;

- materials containing scenes of violence, or inhuman treatment of animals, etc. established by the law of Ukraine "On morals", the Constitution of Ukraine and other relevant normative acts;
- infringement of the rights of minorities;
- giving himself / herself to another person or representative of the organization and / or community without sufficient rights, including for employees and owners of the Administration, as well as misleading as to the properties and characteristics of any entities or objects;
- materials that the User does not have the right to make available by law or under any contractual relationship;
- materials that violate the rights of any patent, trademark, commercial secret, copyright or other proprietary rights and / or copyright and related third party rights;
- It is prohibited: to download, post or transmit in any other way obsessive advertising, spam correspondence, letters of happiness, invitations to participate in financial pyramids or impose services in any other way;
- materials containing computer codes designed to violate, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers for commercial software products, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet;
- intentional and / or accidental violation of any applicable local, state or international laws;
- collection and storage of personal data of other users;
- Uncoordinated transmission of records of advertising, commercial or agitational character;
- advertising of narcotic drugs;
- records in someone's address containing rude and offensive expressions and sentences;
- records containing pornographic material;
- It is forbidden to have more than one account (clone) if the rules of the site are violated or the rating is overwhelmed. In case of violation of the agreement, the account will be blocked (removed), without any warning.
4.3.8. The user understands and accepts that all information, data, text, programs, music, sounds, photographs, graphics, videos, messages and other materials that are publicly shared or privately transmitted is responsibly the person who made the placement. .
4.3.9. The User can not download, transmit or publish the Materials unless they were personally created by the User or the placement of which the User does not have the permission of the respective copyright holder.
4.3.10. In the event of third-party claims arising from the User's placement of materials, the User will independently and at his own expense settle the specified claims.
4.3.11. The user is solely responsible for the content of their e-mail messages transmitted through the Email of the Site.
5. Other conditions
5.1. All possible disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to authorization in accordance with the applicable laws of Ukraine.
5.2. Nothing in the Agreement may be understood as the establishment between the User and the Site Administration of agency relationships, partnership, cooperative relations, personal relations, or any other relationship not expressly provided for by the Agreement.
5.3. The recognition by a court of any provision of the Agreement as invalid or unenforceable does not invalidate any other provisions of the Agreement.
5.4. Inactivity by the Site Administration in case of violation of any of the Users of the Agreement provisions does not deprive the Site Administration of the right to undertake later appropriate actions in defense of their interests and protection of copyright to the protected materials in accordance with the legislation of the Site.
5.5 The User confirms that he is familiar with all the clauses of this Agreement and, of course, accepts them. Otherwise, refuses to use the resource, for which the Administration of the site is not responsible.

Sincerely yours,
Administration of the "Legal Adviser" community.

April 12, 2017